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NOW is a great time to sell! Buyers are combing the market for homes and Realtors are searching daily for new listings to introduce to their clients. However, even with the heightened activity, Sellers trying to sell their homes without a Realtor's assistance could find the job extremely difficult in many ways.



Before listing Your Home there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure: First, that the return on YOUR investment meets or exceeds YOUR expectations; Second, that it affords YOU the ability to complete the sale in time for You to close while minimizing any chance of delays and Finally, that the process is smooth and handled by experienced Professionals  who seek to help you achieve YOUR desired goals.

My team of experts & I will help You achieve each of these steps. We are committed to working carefully to guide You through an unencumbered process with this team of Attorneys, Contractors, Warranty Companies, & more.

Finally, not all Realtors are alike.  I provide quality assistance in staging my listings, even helping with selections in upgrades and arranging contractor installations.  I also store items for use in Interior and Exterior Staging to allow you to relax when preparing your home for the market.

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